Smart from the Start

Managed by Nature

Smart from the start

Entrepreneur and Persuader using the power of “Guanxi”

I like to inspire people using my enthusiasm and optimism.
Being involved with companies that are at the very beginning of the business lifecycle, getting ready for start-up and like to achieve growth and establishment.

Sharing my knowledge and experience and motivate people gives me energy.
My strength is getting people in the roller coaster, preparing them for the ultimate ride.

If I can’t be of service, I may know others who can. Contact me by sending a message or and invite!

Strengths and style:
Natural and adaptive Persuader. Enjoys challenges, Process Orientated, Quick to Change, Independent, Optimistic, Competitive, continuously trying to Improve himself, not always following rules and regulations. Persuader (The Success Insights® Wheel) is a blend between Conductor (Red) and Promoter (Yellow) making it Orange which is the colour of the Dutch.